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Mike T. Marino... Insightful, Subtle & Explosive, his Vintage Flavored Americana Rock derives intensity from the constant erosion of the American Heartland. Read what reviewers are saying about his RestlessSoul...

"Every song on the record out-did itself over & over again with a surprise in every corner - Mike Marino & his RestlessSoul proves to be an artist with staying power"
— Emily Hinde – No Depression–Journal of Roots Music

"If Tomorrow's Yesterday is any inclination of what to expect from this musical mastermind of talent, then the introduction of a new musical legacy is now born."
— Louise Parker – Paste Magazine

"Mike – I'm forwarding this material along, this stuff is great and as good as any new Americana artist I've heard in a long ass time."
— Taxi Screener ID #256

"The track we selected is Out of the Darkness – it should cross over into several different radio formats. Loved the arrangement. The song has a cool Traveling Wilbury's vibe."
— Bryan Klausing – Assoc. Producer-Poetman Records/Woodsongs

"These are the words of poet/sage with a guitar; like a combination of CSNY and Lou Reed, heartfelt and to the point with a real world edge to it all."
— Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck –


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Singer Songwriter Guitarist Mike T. Marino RestlessSoul Records Tomorrow's Yesterday

Latest Release
Tomorrow's Yesterday - 2016

Available now in CD &/or 180g Vinyl LP format

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Singer Songwriter Guitarist Mike T. Marino RestlessSoul Records on CDBaby
    Singer Songwriter Guitarist Mike T. Marino RestlessSoul Records on CDBaby


My Old Town (Original)

RestlessSoul Recording "No Stone Unturned" at Studio 4

Lonely Road (Original)

Here Today (Original)

Turn it Around (Original)


4 & 20 (Cover)

Sunshine of Your Love (Cover)

If I Needed Someone (Cover)


Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 5:46 AM EST
Welcome to the new Website folks - Hope you like it!
Coming this Fall! - Live from Mikey's House - Full Band Jam - Mike M jams with Bluesman Mike Dugan & featuring Don Plowman (Drums), Rob Fraser (Bass) & Carlo Dalessandro (Keys) with perhaps a special Guest or two!
The jam is being Videoed by Video Eng. Jay Yachetta & will be available to check out later this year right here - Several great covers & an original or two are on the Set List - Stay Tuned!!

Special thanks to Radio Host Mike Volpe - The Music Man & Norm Donahue for featuring Mike Live on the full 2 hour show at WVLT Cruisin' 92.1 FM!! Hope you caught some of the show - Mike was interviewed & performed several Originals & Covers Live, but if you missed the show live you can listen in now to a good portion recorded on the "Radio/Links Page" player.
And thanks to Loudini Rock & Roll Circus for the interview Podcast also available now on the Radio Page.       

Thought for the Day:
I been waiting for somethin' to happen...that I'm supposed to start...
Half the world is on fire... the other half is playing with matches...
"Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax & float downstream"

The erosion of the American Heartland & Culture lamented in song from the perspective of a Shadow Boomer at the end of the line...
A life spent witnessing the fabric of America wither & fade away a little more with each passing year... Go Ahead, Google "The End of rural America" ...
The demise of the small family farmer to Corporate Farms & GMO's, the fading of traditional values & the constant erosion of the American Heartland & frontier of The Wild West... Is this truly the End of the Innocence - or the beginning of Theodore Rozak's "Technocracy" gone mad...?
Perhaps somewhere between George Orwell's Big Brother Mind Control of "1984", & Huxley's more sedate "Brave New World" - where the powers that be use the "pleasurable distractions" to seduce the masses into loving their servitude...
Have you hugged your I-Phone today for the latest media frenzy...?
Be careful what you wish for!
What would these great writers think of modern society today? The masses embracing the Digital-Techno world for quick convenience all at the expense of true freedom... 
It makes a dreamer imagine the bygone days of Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac's - On the Road...
Oh, to be lost in the Heartland of old America...
Is anyone listening anymore? Does anyone care, - lost in this modern urban techno-infatuated, cyber world....? Well, they better if they can begin to appreciate what the Great Generation that won WWII gave to us.
As the pendulum swings what is this generation passing on to America's future generations, & what's the message? What have we learned from history as more of our traditions & values dissolve along with the rural landscape?
Medicated up & dumbed down... Welcome to the new Millennia...
Take a journey with Americana, Alt-Country, AAA Songwriter Mike T. Marino & his Restless Soul to find some answers... The next release with Heartland Rock Songs addressing the changing times such as:
"Apathetic Soup" - Our worst enemy is our own apathy...
"60's Child" - trapped in a material world...
"We Caught A Glimpse" - regarding the Woodstock Generation
"Time Passed You" - In a wink of an eye - 20 years went by you....
"My Old Town" - where everyone are strangers now...
"Are We Really Free?" - Lock the Door...
"Trouble in the Valley" -  Keep your powder dry...
The Blistering "No Stone Unturned" & several more...
The Restless Souls Marino assembled for this album include Nashville greats Danny Eyer & Jimmy Heffernan, whose resumes include performances on the Tonight Show to the Grand Ole Opry & touring with folks like Brad Paisley, Chuck Berry & Wilson Pickett. Also on the lineup is Bluesman Mike Dugan who was voted Bluesman of the Year by Show Business News NYC after that honor was previously awarded to the likes of Mike Bloomfield & Eric Clapton.
Singers include outstanding performances featuring the backing of Rachel Conrad- appears courtesy Banner Records, Jenn McCracken appears courtesy of MCD Music, Mike Volpe (Founder of Abbey Road - the first Beatlemania) & Bobby Campanell. A young man named Jon Bon Jovi once opened for Bobby Campanell & The Shakes & named him an early influence.
And the list continues with an All Star cast to support Mike in this project...  
Mixed by Grammy Winner Phil Nicolo (Amy Grant, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, The Hooters)
Mastered by Multi-Grammy winner Richard Dodd ( George Harrison, The Traveling Wilburys, Joe Cocker, Tom Petty)
The new Album - "Tomorrow's Yesterday" - Available now...

So what is a RestlessSoul?...
 - At first it sounds a bit negative - like someone who can't get any inner peace or spiritual satisfaction -- or according to one popular definition:
Any sense of restlessness is a sign that your soul is ready to grow. Answering the call of your soul by pursuing a new activity or form of creative expression, such as writing, playing music, or sculpting would be a natural process of aligning yourself with Spirit.
If you are restless, this is how you're being guided or invited by your soul to find deeper fulfillment through more satisfying work and meaningful service.
 I'd agree & add that it means searching for something more meaningful than material wealth, which still eventually leaves you empty & void of true satisfaction & inner peace. So it's fine being a RestlessSoul so long as the energy expelled in the journey is positive & not destructive. There's way too much negativity in the world today... dig the music & find some Peace...